Pantyhose Leading Upskirt

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Apr 152019

My first job was working at a Sam Goody in the local mall. It was a sweet gig. I got to spend my days talking about music and checking out hot girls. The pay was actually a lot better than what some of my friends were making in the other mall stores too. My favorite thing was the location though. The store had a great view of the food court. The women who worked at JC Penney had to pass Sam Goody on their lunch breaks to get to the Orange Julius and other spots.

During the slow hours, I would often find myself gazing out at the tables, looking at ladies in high heels and pantyhose. I would watch the way their nylons ran up under their skirts and be mesmerized. Now and then, I’d even get a great upskirt view when an unknowing babe would be sitting just right. It was heaven.

I think that is what started my hosiery obsession. This Nylon Up discount for over 30% off gets me into precisely the sort of site I wish would have been around back then. I’d probably have known less about music though because all my time would have been spent looking at pictures.